I am honored to have been selected to speak at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in May 24-29 2012. Register @ www.uacastrology.com

UAC has more than 160 of the worlds best astrologers gathered to share knowlege. Join us for the best and biggest astrology conference the astrology community provides. UAC is a collaboration of the top astrology organizations world wide.

Life Coaching with Astrology: Use Astrology as a Foundation for Life Coaching (Track 4)

Astrology is the perfect tool for life coaching. Learn this valuable service to help your clients transform their lives into the potential and promise in the natal chart. Learn how to design an astrological coaching program for yourself or with clients on a weekly basis with a proven system of coaching with astrology. Help your clients reach their personal and professional goals.

Planetary Nodes: Portals to Archetypal Patterns (Track 13)

Beyond the moons nodes -- Every Planet has its own node. These points deliver tremendous influence in the chart. When you understand how the planetary nodes act as portals to archetypes then interpreting charts and accurate forecasting is easy. Need a little help from Jupiter or Mercury? Learn how these "portals" created from the nodes of the planets can help you channel in qualities of the planets.