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 Astrology Course

The study of astrology is a magical adventure. Have you wondered how to study astrology or where to study astrology? When looking at your options to study astrology online you can be torn as to who will be the best astrology teacher for you and what is the best method to study astrology. In fact finding the best way to learn astrology can be a study on astrology in and of itself!!!

The method I teach to learn astrology is a system that will help you understand the astrological transits and be able to use the energy of the universe have a hand in creating your future. This is where the understanding of the law of attraction meets with astrological principles of the blueprint that you came into the world with as seen in your astrology chart.
Every month on the first day that the Sun moves into a new sign you will receive your
workbook, calendar and Mp3 recordings with over 2- 3 hours of astrology insights.

** Bonus astrology video Lessons ** ** In Depth current astrological events **

** Monthly reports on planetary movements and how it will impact you. **
    (Send in your questions and I will answer them on the next lesson)

** Deep analysis of current astrological transits, what they mean, how to work with the planetary
energies and how to know when they have personal meaning for you. **

** World events as related to astrological symbols, learn how to predict mundane events. **
Understand mytholgical and astrological archetypes and the spiritual forces they wield.

Consciously co create with the universe.

Develop personal power and the ability to manifest.
Every month we take the theme of the month and apply the natural movements and gifts of that month to our lives

Each month we follow the messages and power of the planets to eliminate problems and create solution. For example Aries Creating fearlessness approach and having time for our inner desires and dreams. Taurus: mastering finances and abundance..

When you sign up I will send you the workshop for the cycle we are in (free- no charge) and you will automatically be paid for and signed up to receive the next workshop. Not only do you have a risk free investment - your first workshop is free. You can cancel at any time.
3 Audio MP3 recordings (1) Teachings on the planetary influences and how they are manifesting in world events.(2) Specific monthly influences (3) How to personally work with the energies of the month, how it impacts your sign and how to go deeper. Your questions answered, email your questions and I record your question along with the answers for the next workshop. Special training videos explaing charts and how to find the answers within.

Detailed workbook/journal of every significant chart and times of major planetary shifts. From Ingresses of the planets, (when the planets change signs, to the new moons and more-

Join now only $19.95 month
Join now only $19.95 month
Why Join? Learn the secret meanings from astrology that very few people on the planet have access to.
Improve your life with monthly insights, motivation and Ideas.
Committ to re inventing your life. Your monthly Astrology package is your tool to transform your life. Every month and every year a new theme of self development emerges. Be the light in the world as conscious light workers.
Special gifts along the way~ great for astrologers too~ I do the work and you share with your friends & clients.
Every month the day that the Sun moves into a new sign you will receive your workshop with a special link to download your monthly package of Audio and Workbook/Journal and Calendar. You will have everything you need to have a jump start to master the energy of all the signs and the new moon of the month. Don't delay join us now. You will receive the monthly workshop that we are currently in along with introductory audio and training video.
Join now only $19.95 month
Donna, I absolutely LOVE the course. You are an excellent astrology teacher. I already have received much insight and I have just started listening. ~ J.

I am participating in your monthly astrology series, and love it so far! Your insights over the last month have completely blown me away! I finally am finding my power, and myself.
Thanks for everything you've done for me, S.
Have you ever wanted to be able to predict your future and gain knowledge and awareness of what is happening and why?
Do you want to learn astrology and do not know where to start? When you understand the chart it can be a doorway into understanding your lover, spouse, and children. In fact your children (and others) might think you are psychic as you will be able to see through what they are saying or how they are acting to the true motivation underneath their words and actions. Imagine being able to tap into the vibration of the planets and harness the power to know when to go after a new job, find a new relationship, have a happy vacation, or the right timing around investments. You can know this with astrology.

Perhaps you have even tried a few astrology books and gained some understanding yet still not be able to get the whole picture. Perhaps you have tried other classes or books or looked for courses on the web. A 6 week class in astrology can cost $300 and only cover a tiny piece of the whole picture. If you have been frustrated with learning astrology it is understandable. Astrology is complicated; it can take years to understand a chart using traditional methods of learning.

After years of taking courses, reading books, attending astrology lectures and astrology conferences I believe the best way to learn astrology is to follow what is happening each and every month.
When you follow the movements of the planets you will be able to understand on an experiential manner what is happening and why.

I designed this course as a way to bring the message of the universe to you each and every month. You will understand what is going on, and what is coming up.
As you sink into the monthly exercises you will find that your life becomes less hectic and more on time with the natural rhythms of the universe.

Each sign and new moon offers us a chance to master a different area of life. As we embrace the messages from the universe and find out how to connect with the energy that is ready and waiting for us to master we find that our lives become more in tune and in harmony with our soulís purpose and evolution.

I believe that now is the time to share these gifts from the universe to those who are ready for this ancient gift and knowledge. As we move through these difficult times on the planet those who are walking the spiritual path and the path of personal growth and development owe it to yourself to have this tool that enables you to see the light in dark times, and to speed forward quickly towards that which you want when the motion is right for you.

If you have ever been disappointed and discouraged understanding the astrological influence behind what was happening will unlock were you may have been stuck.

When you study astrology you will see and understand why there is profound change happening, be prepared by knowing how best to use this mystical energies to help you have what you want in life.
Try it risk free for 30 days.
Money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied email for a prompt refund.
Try it risk free for 30 days.
Money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely satisfied email for a prompt refund.
If you have a desire to better your life, know the messages of the universe, and be able to tap into the secret meanings and energies of this mystical realm, the join us for a great adventure - study astrology - all you need to do is listen to the recordings each month and you will learn astrology easily.
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