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The reading you gave me was so much more than I ever expected,(and so many things you said were amazingly accurate) thanks again for all your help and insight- Jill
Donna, you are a great astrologer, I am so glad I found you. J.
Astrology is a tool to help you know when the planetary cycles are around you and how to make the best use of those energies. It is not to be substituted for legal, medical, financial or other professional advice.
" Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you."

Dane Rudhyar

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Astrology Chart Reading

What Is The True Purpose of Astrology?

There are many reasons for astrology and perhaps one of the primary reasons people want to have their astrology chart interpreted is to be able to know oneself better. Astrology is used as an inner road map to understanding oneself and to achieve success. It helps you to discover your talents through analyzing your horoscope (astrology chart) to uncover different parts of your character that perhaps has been buried. That is one reason why astrology reveals secrets that were previously unknown.

Using your astrology chart you will have your own instruction book for a happier more successful life. Think of your chart as a secret code manual that once deciphered revels hidden messages that have personal meaning. It has an encoded blueprint, somewhat like DNA in our cells, which show the various possibilities of what our future will be. It also shows, just like our body can show strengths and weaknesses for health, it will tell you your strengths and weaknesses of personality traits. It is said to thy own self be true, yet finding that true inner self is a journey we all must embark upon. You can use your chart as a shortcut to knowing self and therefore as a quicker way to a happy successful life. After all, life has enough problems without adding more struggle to it. Why do it the hard way when you can use your astrology chart to find out answers to the different choices life presents to you?

There are so many turning points in life; will this relationship be good for me? Is this major the right choice for my degree? Should I take this job or wait for something better? Should I move to a new city or stay here? All of these decisions can alter the course of your life. Knowing what lies in your astrology chart, part fate, part free will, can speed your path to happiness.

It isn’t that there are ‘wrong’ choices, yet some choices may have to be undone, and start again. Everyone has good and bad traits, and astrology shows your blind spots and weaknesses. In fact there is a positive and negative side to all of the planets and what they symbolize. Knowing the blind spots sooner than later will help you avoid painful lessons in life. When you see your destiny in your chart it can speed you to your highest and greatest good. Once you explore the amazing insights that your astrology chart interpretation gives, you will understand your life so much more. It becomes your mentor to help you make the best choices for love and success.

Some people go to an astrologer because that want to know if they will be rich and famous. Of course the odds are that most people are not going to be the less than one percent of the very rich and famous, yet there are indications in the chart that will show potential for great wealth or fame. Sometimes it is a matter of luck, being at the right place at the right time, if you have a strong Jupiter in your chart then that can be you. Others consult an astrologer to find out what profession that would be best at. And some people seek out a good astrologer to find out what their chart says about marriage, relationships and whether the birth chart shows if they will have children.

The true purpose of astrology is to help us be happier in our lives. It does this by pointing the way, through giving us signs and signals. Yes, you can do predictions using astrology, yet the predictions are accurate because in your natal chart it shows what you came into the world to learn, do and accomplish. When planetary influences trigger your chart at different ages, that can be when your chart unfolds according to the master plan. Yet if you are off course, not in walking the path towards your best potential, then when these influences come in heart break and difficulties happen.

Therefore when you use astrology as a guide to help you use the talents and gifts you came into the world with to achieve, when you know yourself on a deep level, then astrology is your personal mentor and guide. You will make better choices that are in sync with your higher self and be able to contribute to the world and complete what you were meant to accomplish this life.